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Tele-Therapy is counseling conducted via phone or video through an electronic device (Ipad, laptop, kindle, or desktop computer.)

The process is simple, we will send you a link to your session. Once you receive the link, you select a login/password, electronically consent for treatment, and then you will be face to face with your provider.

Individual Counseling

Individual therapy involved meeting with a professional therapist on a 1:1 basis. You are the focus of the therapy session. Together you establish treatment goals and work to resolve the issues you may be facing.

Marriage & Couple’s Therapy

Marriage and couples therapy is when you and your spouse or partner sits down with a professional therapist to discuss, work through, and resolve issues with your relationship. Whether it is issues relating to infidelity, loss of trust, poor communications, conflict resolution, distance with the relationship, or finances, our professional therapists are equipped with therapeutic interventions to foster growth and forward movement within your relationship.

Family Counseling

Family Therapy consists of you and your family (as you define it), sitting down with a professional therapist to address and resolve conflict, or issues that may be hampering the unity of your family,

Faith-Based Counseling

When life gets tough, quite often, it’s our faith that sees us through. If your faith is important to you, it should also be an important part of your healing process. At Wellsprings Center for Counseling Services, we have providers who have the ability to incorporate faith into your counseling services. Based on your personal preferences, we can help you make sense of God’s plan in the midst of conflict, trauma or distress. Our services are inclusive of any faith. (Faith-based counseling is provided only upon request.)

Group Therapy

Therapy that involves one therapist working with several people (5-10 people) at the same time, on a shared issue.

Groups offered include:

  • Grief Group
  • Depression Group
  • Teen Talk Time (Teen process group)


Relationship-based educational and technical training that is clinically focused to manage, support, evaluate and develop therapeutic skills of provisionally licensed providers, as they work toward full licensure.

Other Services

  • Training and Coaching
  • Public Speaking
  • Psycho Educational Seminars

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