Who We Are

About Us

Our Mission

Wellsprings Center for Counseling Services is committed to providing quality, caring, consistent, and compassionate counseling services to individuals, couples, and families that promotes happiness, healing and hope.

Our Vision

At Wellsprings Center for Counseling Services, we strive to provide a multidisciplinary approach to being mentally and emotionally healthy that enables each person to be whole and live out their lives to the best of their ability.

Our Values

  • Being trustworthy and honest
  • Treating everyone with respect regardless of race, creed, sexuality or religious beliefs.
  • Providing the care we want to receive.
  • Honoring the role of faith and hope in people’s lives.

Our Privacy Policy

The attached privacy policy tells you how we make use of your health information at our Center, how we might disclose your health information to others, and how you can get access to the same information.

Your relationship with Wellsprings CCS is important and confidential. Information cannot be released regarding your counseling without your written permission, unless disclosure prevents imminent harm or is required by state or federal law. Some examples include: suspected child or elder abuse; for third party payments such as insurance; if you are involved in a legal case where your therapist or the Center may be required by law to release your records to attorneys or judges; if you are dangerously close to harming yourself or others, your counselor may notify medical or law enforcement personnel; as described in the attached privacy policy.

Our Limitations

We are an out-patient treatment center and cannot provide intense daily client monitoring. We are unable to help clients who:

  • Continue to abuse alcohol and other drugs
  • Misuse or refuse to use prescribed medication
  • Require intense supervision
  • Show disrespect to other clients, our staff or our property
  • Are a danger to others or self
  • Clients requiring intense daily monitoring will be referred to an in/outpatient facility equipped to provide the level of care needed to establish emotional stability.

Counseling sessions will be terminated immediately, if a client is assessed to be under the influence of any controlled substance. Terminated session will be considered a late cancellation, and the client will be billed a $40 late cancellation fee to the credit card on file.

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