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Mental Health Therapist

Wellsprings Center for Counseling Services is seeking to hire individuals to provide counseling services in a private practice setting. Individuals must have experience working with children, adults, couples, and families. Candidates must also be fully licensed as an LPC, LCSW, or LMFT, in the state of Texas. The position offers flexible schedules and competitive pay.

Participation on insurance panels is preferred. No phone calls, please.

The ideal candidate will provide individual counseling based on personalized treatment plans, designed to help our clients meet their short and long-term goals. Strong verbal and written communication skills are a must, along with a willingness to coordinate with internal teams and external agencies that are also working with your clients, as well as adhere to group practice professional policies and standards.

Therapist Responsibilities Include:

1. Conduct individual counseling sessions with clients in accordance with the developed treatment plan, or as necessary for crisis intervention; provide clients with therapeutic feedback, support, and encouragement that addresses behaviors and attitudes, as well as family, social or personal problems.

2. Prepare individual treatment plans, in accordance with established standards and deadlines to include goals, interventions, and necessary support and/or referral services. Evaluate the client’s response to treatment and modify treatment plan or recommend treatment extensions as circumstances require.

3. Complete comprehensive assessments within program guidelines and formulate a diagnostic impression by conducting client and family interviews and identifying strengths, weakness, problems, and needs for the development of a treatment plan.

4. Document treatment plans, progress notes, evaluations, and discharge summaries. Maintain clients records and charts in accordance with organizational and contractual standards. Maintain regular communication verbally and in written form with clients, guardians, probation officers, case workers, court offices, insurance providers, and so forth to relay reports and other information for the continuity of care


  • We provide a clean, neatly, decorated space with no overhead for you.
  • We are a 100% paperless office and use a HIPAA compliant electronic system so you are not tied to the office.
  • We get the clients for you, no personal marketing required.
  • We will manage all billing for insurance and private pay clients, no lost productive hours trying to collect your hard-earned money

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